• COMMISSION MEETINGS: The City Commission meets at 6:30 p.m. on the 4th Monday of each month at the Bellefonte City Building — 705 Bellefonte Princess Road. Because of the Memorial Day holiday, the May meeting is held on Tuesday. There is no scheduled meeting in the month of December.
  • TUESDAY is garbage collection day in Bellefonte.  They start collection very early in the morning, so please get your garbage out the night before or you might be missed.
  • OUR CONTRACT WITH RUMPKE WASTE SERVICES requires them to collect the garbage AT THE HOUSE, not at the curb.  Please DO NOT take your can to the curb, as we have had several complaints about unsightly garbage cans that sometimes remain at the roadside for several days.
  • ANY RESIDENT who plans to remove a tree should contact Sergeant Paul Fisher to obtain a permit.
  • ANY RESIDENT wishing to build a fence, install an in-ground pool, build or install a storage building or deck or make a room addition should contact the City Clerk before beginning the project.  Ordinances require permits for most projects.
  • IN ORDER THAT VISIBILITY MAY BE MAINTAINED for oncoming and converging traffic at intersections, no trees or shrubbery having a height of two (2) feet shall be planted or maintained within ten (10) feet of the intersection of the paved portion of streets.  It is the homeowners responsibility to keep all shrubbery trimmed so as to not obstruct the view of any traffic.